Sunday, 31 July 2011

Buy a hard drive, get a bonus virus!

Buy a cheap hard drive, get a free virus - ALDI pulls infected '4-in-1' from shelves

ALDI external hard drives available for sale as part of its "special buys" purchases have been found to contain a computer virus.
The Fission External 4-in-1 hard drive, DVD, USB and card reader device was withdrawn from sale this morning.
The hard drive is supplied to ALDI by a company called Smart IT Australia, described on its website as a global company which sells electronics products to 10 countries.
The company also supplies support for ALDI electronics products branded under the Tevion label.
ALDI is recommending consumers who have already purchased the hard drive and connected it to their personal computers to use Kaspersky antivirus software or similar to scan computers and USB storage devices to detect and remove the virus if present.
ALDI has also told customers that free antivirus checkers can be downloaded at
"A full re-format will remove the virus from the 4-in-1 Hard Drive," a statement from ALDI advises.
"Customers who have purchased the product can return it to the store where they bought it to receive a full refund."

What do you think about this. Should people be able to sue them?


  1. Eh. Stupid people get viruses.
    They shouldn't be able to sue.

  2. Lol great adivice

  3. Wow, how is that even possible? Sue, no, get a refund and all damages accounted for, yes.

  4. Heard about this before, not the first time it's happened...

  5. Don't buy external hard drives they break down fast.

  6. sell the hhds unformatted. problem solved!

  7. hmm. if it was a botnet then i wouldn't be impressed. but you need to be an idiot to let your computer get infected

  8. Lol, this is way I think SSD are the best :D