Monday, 25 July 2011

Time travel impossible?!?

Hey all.
So im reading on under technology that some Hong Kong physicists say that they have proven that a single photon obeys Einstein's theory and that nothing can travel faster then the speed of light. For more information feel free to visit:

Limited edition XBox 360 pictures were released not so long ago... Tell me what you think about it.

Here is the picture

So tell me XBox/starwars fans, what do you think about this design? Will you be buying it? I won't be, thats for sure. I think it is ugly and that Microsoft should just stick to the original design.
"It seems the Australian goverment has raised the price for the NBN rollout... What a supprise.. I wouldn't be supprised if it would cost around $80 for a connection fee!
A basic $60 plan for speeds only a fraction of the broadband's capacity will see customers of Internode get just over half the internet capacity per month the Federal Government had modelled for $53-$58."

Anyway thats it for this blog.. Ill be back after work!


  1. Saw something physicsy on your blog. You've got me hooked now :D

  2. Wouldn't buy it...but man its cool :D

  3. wow they made it very ugly :D

  4. hate the xbox look.
    suck about the nbn :(

  5. o.O I think its colors are too...weird o_O

  6. Didn't they already prove that it was possible? Like, they put a clock in a space module or something... Can't remeber. :D
    Anyhow, following and supporting! :)

  7. Yeah the xbox colours are uglyyy
    not sure if they already have proven that time travel is possible :S