Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mac OS X Lion

Hey all.

So I just downloaded Mac OS X Lion from the AppStore... Thanks Apple for the 3.76GB download to add onto my bandwidth... Anyway.. It was a well spent $32 or something like that.. What I don't fully understand is why Australians always have to pay extra for almost everything :( I understand that they need to pay off their servers for the amount of bandwidth they would be pumping out but they should make everyone pay the exact same amount.

So I woke up this morning and saw on Facebook that Amy Winehouse had died... Bit of a shock some would say, some people would say that they would expect her to die so young. We are still unsure on how she passed away but some a fairly sure it would of been a OD of some type of drug.

On my side project, I am trying to start up a home network with a DC, I am doing this all within virtual machines as my beast main PC is able to handle it. I am currently trying to set up Group Policy but I am having some problems editing them.. Looks like I need to do some google/youtube searching!

Anyway, I think I'm done for todays blog. Have to work tomorrow.. Yay...

Til next blog.... Goodbye


  1. Never been a fan of macs. But Yeah some aussie friends are asking the same questions too. And yep Amy W. passed away saw it coming. I'll be following you up for your updates!

  2. never liked macs one bit and still dont lol but yea its sad another person had to die from drugs once again.

  3. Great first post, keep it up :)

  4. tried to run snow leopard a while ago on my pc. wouldn't have it though :P lion looks like a decent upgrade though

  5. The thing that really shits me about OS X is that inverted scroll!!!