Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Anonymous hacks Syrian defence ministry

THE infamous online activist group "Anonymous" have hacked the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defence.
The website's content was replaced by an Anonymous logo embedded in the Syrian flag, along with a message attacking the regime of Bashar Al-Assad, and a series of scrolling links to various videos demonstrating injustice, violence and civil unrest in the country.
On June 4, Anonymous uploaded a video to YouTube, promising to hack the websites of Syrian embassies around the world.


The online attacks follow the deaths of 55 protesters who were killed by Government security forces.
Uprisings in Syria are ongoing as protesters call for the resignation of President Bashar-al-Assad, equal rights for ethnic and religious groups, and an end to extra-judicial violence as well as broader political freedoms.


  1. Quite an impressive coup, big day for hacktivism.

  2. I think they are on the right way :)