Tuesday, 2 August 2011

iPhone 5 leak!

WITH Apple due to launch their new iPhone sometime next month, expect "leaked" details of the device to hit the internet any day now.
Hey, what do you know? Here's a blog that’s spoken to someone who claims to have seen someone using an iPhone 5 on a train in San Francisco.
Even better, here's another blog that has the real drawings of an iPhone 5 case.
But what does it all mean? News.com.au jumps on the rickety bandwagon with a wrap of all the crazy rumours about what will make your annual Apple donation a more magical, revolutionary experience.
We've seen it!
Last week, 9to5mac.com ran pictures of what they say is a good shot be someone using an iPhone on a train in San Francisco.
It was thinner, wider and "almost EVO-like", the tipster said.
Supporting evidence
THE guy was "hunched over" the device.
IT was in San Francisco.
THE tipster already has an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 and said the mystery device was "like nothing he's ever seen".
We've seen the case!
The tipster told 9to5mac.com the new phone was "like nothing he's ever seen" and would fit perfectly into casing drawings 9to5mac.com posted online recently.
The case pics came from mobilefun.co.uk, which in turn claimed it was a design drawing leaked to it from a Chinese manufacturer.
Supporting evidence
"LUCKILY for us, the image shows an iPhone5", claims mobilefun.co.uk.
SOON after receiving the drawing, the website was leaked another one from a different manufacturer, only red.

An alleged leaked design document for an iPhone 5 case. Picture: mobilefun.co.uk
It will have an ovaloid button!
Moving on, the leaky case drawing showed a rounded rectangular spot where the original circular button used to be.
They're calling it "ovaloid", which sounds exactly like the kind of desperate "non-conformist" twaddle Apple likes to perpetrate.
Supporting evidence
STEVE Jobs has always wanted the iPhone to be buttonless.
SADLY, he was beaten to it by Nokia's N9.
The side buttons have moved and will be touch sensitive!
Running further with the non-button Jobsian angle, mobilefun.co.uk says changes to the placement of side buttons on the drawings could point to them being made touch sensitive.
They say the side buttons have swapped sides and the volume button has been shifted down a bit.
It won’t have any buttons!
Cnet.co.uk reports that the iOS 5 beta release includes a control panel that replaces physical buttons.
Thisismynext.com says "the home button is doing double duty as a gesture area", but cnet.co.uk says that's unlikely, as you can't get any more than a finger in there.
You can hear through the screen!
Back in April, thisismynext.com reported that their Apple sources told them "interesting things" were being done with bonded glass technology.
They say that could mean the earpiece and sensors are behind the glass, which allows for the bigger screen size "seen" on the iPhone 5.
The back will be made of curved glass!
Apple is rumoured to have recently bought "glass-cutting machines", leading todaysiphone.com to hypothesise that it might be making the iPhone 5's back out of curved glass.
The back will be made of aluminium!
However, most onlookers say the back will be metal, with Apple hoping to avoid any antenna woes such as those that plagued the iPhone 4 with its side antenna.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this!!!


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